onTime : MNR

onTime : MNR

Find the next Metro North Rail (MNR) train schedule in a New York Minute. onTime is fast and easy to use. It is designed with commuters in mind. With onTime : MNR, you can look up the MNR schedule anytime anywhere without having to carry and dig through paper schedules. No more carrying copies of paper schedule and trying to figure out the next train. Be onTime and be environmental friendly at the same time.

Category: Navigation

App Features

  • Paperless
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Count down to the next train
  • Peak indicator
  • Transfer Note
  • Platform Information
  • Includes all Yankees games schedule for 2009
  • Weekdays and Weekends
  • Works on iPhone and iPod Touch without data connection
  • Latest schedule
  • Trip duration
Complete Metro North Rail schedules
  • Harlem Line
  • Hudson Line
  • New Haven Line

App Tour

on Time: MNR Testimonials

Very handy for commuter rail travelers by RI Computer Guy

This app has very focused function and is extremely easy to use! We used it in a number of situations when traveling to New York recently and I found it to be an excellent little product! Highly recommended!

All in all, it's worth the download by Maryann MacFadden

This app is perfect for information! This totally beats frantically searching all over safari for times! Everything is right there for you. However the usability if this app could be much improved. The screen in where you can select a time for future train departments is very hard to see due to the colors. It would also be really nice to have a way to delete some of the 'favorite pairs' that appear in the left as I've accidentally added a few in that are unneeded.

I really think a 'no trains available' pop up or screen when trying to select two places in which a train does not run. I got a shotty grey screen, I though the app might have been broken. With minor tweaking this app in the works of becoming a powerful tool! All in all it's worth the download!

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