FYI Mileage

FYI Mileage simplifies your business and personal mileage tracking needs. With FYI Mileage, tracking mileage is faster and easier than ever. FYI Mileage is user friendly and most importantly it eliminates the paper log! Reports can be emailed or exported via wifi. Trips can be posted directly into iXpenseIt for overall expense tracking.

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App Features

  • Intuitive user interface, quick data entry
  • Supports multiple cars and multiple drivers
  • Link to iPhone/iPod touch address book
  • Interactive odometer display
  • Full text record search
  • Trips & reimbursement overview
  • Instant graphical snapshot of trips status
  • CSV, HTML report export via email and Wi-Fi
  • Mile/Kilometer selection
  • Customizable reimbursement rate
  • Remembers most frequent trips
  • Direct data posting to iXpenseIt
  • Password protection

App Tour

Home Screen

FYI Mileage Home screen gives you the complete overview of all your trips. On this screen you can view total number of trips, total distance driven and the total deductible amounts. Tap on the paid Trips tab will show you the summary of all the trips that have been reimbursed. Tap on the Unpaid Trips tab shows all the unpaid trips information.

Other things you can do on this screen:
  • Delete Records
  • Scroll up and down to view other records
  • Search records
  • Change the paid/unpaid status of a record (tap on the color dots)
  • One tap navigation to other crucial functions such as reporting or add a new trip.

Add Trip

FYI Mileage Add Trip screen is designed to record a mileage log quickly. It is separated into 3 different tabs. The Trip tab enables you to enter crucial trip information; the Detail tab gives you complete control of detail information about this trip; And the export tab allows you to email your trip information or post it directly to the iXpenseIt application for overall expense tracking. The trip start/end odometer display is smart and interactive. You can adjust each dial digit and it automatically calculates and remembers trip distance and odometer positions.

Other things you can do on this screen:
  • Pull up the most frequent used trip
  • Specify trip distance without adjust the dial
  • Enter trip notes

Trip Detail

The Add Trip Detail tab gives you complete control of detail information about the trip.

Things you can do on this screen:
  • Access the device address book for trip destination
  • Specify deduction rate
  • Choose car and driver for the trip
  • Change the reimbursement status

Data Export

The Add Trip Export tab allows you to export your trip information via email or post it directly to the popular iXpenseIt expense tracking application. FYI Mileage will auto detect if iXpenseIt is installed in your device. The email address input is linked to your device Address book to provide extra convenience of looking up an existing email address.

Graphical Report

The FYI Mileage graph report gives you the instant graphical snapshot of your trip status. Graph is generated internally, so no Internet connection is required.


The FYI Mileage settings allows you to customize the application to your likes, including turn on your personal password protection. By set your default settings, recording a trip mileage log can truly take less then 5 seconds!

Things you can customize:
  • Switching between Miles or Kilometer
  • Destination
  • Purpose
  • Deduction rate
  • Car
  • Driver
  • Display viewing

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No integrate system for use with iPhone calendar and no gps feature

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